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Sunday, 25 September 2016

Mysore Dasara

By Kalyan Kumar - Mysore Dasara, CC BY-SA 2.0,
Mysore Dasara conducted in Mysore city is the State festival ( Nada Habba) , it is also called Navarathri Festival meaning nine days festival. The festival is conducted annually and it usually falls somewhere between the months of September and October.
The festival is celebrated for ten days with extreme pomp , the last day being Vijayadashami is the most important day of Dasara.
According to a legend, Vijayadashami denotes the victory of truth over evil and it is the day when the Hindu Goddess Chamundeshwari killed the demon Mahishasura . due to which the city got the name Mahishuru which was later anglicised to Mysore and in the year 2005 the government of India changed its name to Mysuru .

The Dasara festival which is conducted annually is one of the most prestigious festivals and a real pride of Karnataka  , the Dasara festival has the history of more than 400 years and it celebrated its 400 th year anniversary in the year 2010.
The celebration of Dasara festival was first started by the Vijayanagara Kings during 15th century , After the fall of the Vijayanagar kingdom, the Wodeyars of Mysore continued the Dasara Festival, initially by Raja Wodeyar I (1578-1617 CE) in the year 1610 at Srirangapatna. One more highlight to the Dasara is that the Mysore palace is illuminated with 1 lakh bulbs on all days of the festival .

The ninth day of Dasara is called Mahanavami is an auspicious day  of Dasara during which the Pattadha Katthi (royal sword) is worshiped and is taken on a procession involving elephants, camels and horse.

Main attractions :

1. Illuminated Palace : The royal palace is illuminated with one lakh light bulbs between 7 PM to 10 PM and Rs. 10 lakh is spent for this alone.

2. Various cultural and traditional programmes  are conducted before the royal palace representing the great culture , tradition of the state of Karnataka. The Kusthi competition is the most famous among the cultural events where wrestlers from all over the world participate and the winner is honored
by the His Excellency himself.

3. Procession :
Ont he last day of Dasara festival the traditional Dasara procession called Jamboo Savari is held in the streets of  Mysore city . The Ambari is placed on the royal elephant which is made of solid gold weighing 750 kg inside which the Idol of Goddess Chamundeshwari is placed , this the only time and place in the world where such a huge quantity of gold is exposed in an open place.
This is one of the major attraction to  the people.

4. Another major attraction during Dasara is the Dasara exhibition which is held in the exhibition grounds opposite to the Mysore Palace. The exhibition was started by the Maharaja of Mysore Chamaraja Wodeyar X in 1880 with the sole aim of introducing timely developments to the people of Mysore.

       Please come Visit the Grand Dasara festival in Mysore