Rambler's Top100 INFENTFUN: How to Create a invisible Folder

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Monday, 12 September 2016

How to Create a invisible Folder

Step 1 : Create a new folder preferably on the desktop

Step 2 : Now open Folder Properties and  click on the customize button

Step 3 : Click on the change icon button and scroll right side untill you find a blank icon

Step 4 : Now Select the blank Icon and click ok and then Apply.

Step 5 : Go to windows menu and search for character map and open character map.

Step 6 : Now you will find a blank box just below the letter k , click on it .

Step 7 : Now click select and then copy.

Step 8 : Right click on the folder and hit rename and then paste or just press ctrl and v at the same time.


For Video instructions click on the link below: